Traditional Oak Frame Buildings

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All our oak, and weatherboarding materials, are sourced from FSC or PEFC certified suppliers. All the oak is inspected upon delivery for suitability. Any posts or beams not meeting our criteria are rejected for replacement.

Oak is a naturally durable timber, which requires no further treatment. It is an attractive, strong and sustainable material, which improves with age. As it dries it situ, it will blend into its surroundings, as it weathers to a beautiful silvery-grey.

The frame will continue to strengthen as time passes, giving you a building that will stand the test of time.
We ensure that the exterior envelope materials used are complimentary to the frame, and the natural surroundings.

Oak or Larch cladding will fade to a silvery-grey, blending seamlessly with the oak frame.

Glass panels used will reflect the environment around the building, and allow for beautiful sceneries on any day from within.
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