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I'm delighted with my Alpha Oak double garage. The craftsmanship is first class, and it blends in with the surrounding countryside superbly.
We used Martin for a large garden room extension with a separate dog room and we are very pleased with the work. Martin is an excellent green oak fabricator and you'll get a fantastic looking, and well built, garden room.
I would like to say that we are very pleased with the new building. You have used good materials and the workmanship is to a high standard.
We are delighted with the garage built for us by Martin and the Alpha Oak team. Their approach was one that combined great carpentry skills, minimum fuss and maximum efficiency that resulted in a project that delivered a fantastic product within budget and expected timeline. It is not often I get to say that in relation to building projects. Great work!
Alpha Oak designed and obtained permission for a carport, which they constructed. Throughout, Martin Chapman's problem-solving skills were a great reassurance and he found solutions to all the unforeseen difficulties which arose. On the practical level, it is a pleasure, every day, to encounter the traditional construction methods, skilfully and sympathetically deployed.
We are very pleased with the garage/carport built for us by Alpha Oak. The building is constructed to a very high standard of workmanship using good quality materials. Martin and his team took the greatest care in providing us with exactly the building we wanted, and we are delighted with the outcome.
We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to Martin at Alpha Oak about the service he provided to my wife and I to rectify numerous serious issues with a green oak garden room that we had purchased from another company. On searching the Internet, I came across Alpha Oak, which incorporated various pages that detailed how to glaze an oak framed building. There was a lot of detail within these sections, so I called Martin at Alpha Oak to seek his advice on how to go about glazing the entire frame. From my initial contact with Martin I cannot state how helpful his company was. Martin spent an hour on the phone to me and unfortunately after I had described the oak frame I had purchased from another company Martin travelled to my address as he had concerns over the oak I had purchased. This was regarding the rebates for the glazing and the mortise and tenon joints as well as other associated issues. When Martin attended my project,I had already commenced assembling the green oak frame kit. I could see that the quality of the workmanship was poor with large gaps within the joints,but Martin pointed out numerous other issues that if were not rectified would cause immense issues with water ingress into the oak framed building. At this point Martin was not "pushing" his company and stated that I should possibly seek the advice from another oak specialist. Another joiner who was making the windows for other parts of my extension confirmed Martin's views over the oak frame and how water would ingress into the building. Martin devised a solution where we cloaked the entire external elevations of the green oak with air-dried planed oak that would cover all the joints. This work was carried out over a week. The attention to detail was so precise with incredibly tight joints and care taken to neutralise any issues of water ingress.The actual oak frame now looks like perfection and since the work was completed we have had some immense heavy rain and can state that there has been no leakage into the building. If we were moving and indeed looking at incorporating another garden room I would not hesitate to employ Martins services to achieve the desired end and have a building that does not just look beautiful but also and importantly know that the care and skill in making and constructing the frame and glazing will lead to a building that you can enjoy with peace of mind.

This year we've been busy developing a garden at Slimbridge. We turned the old Sustainable Garden site into a new Garden of Reflection, a space designed and created to provide a tranquil space surrounded by a modern interpretation of a traditional cottage garden. The central focal point of the garden is a bespoke Green Oak structure that houses the Trees of Life sculptures. The success of this garden is also down to several local contractors, many of whom are artisans in their crafts. Mention and thanks need to go to Martin Chapman the Oak Wright from Alpha Oak responsible for turning the building vision to a reality. We have already had lots of positive comments for the garden and cannot wait for next year to see the planting mature, and more leaves on the trees of life.